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A Peek at the Contents....
  • How to set up your home based business: Everything you need to know to start right from scratch.  This book is written for those who have no business experience at all.
  • The Profit Making Tools: You will be given ALL the tools you need to start earning money right away! 
  • What to Sell:  Proven products and services that you can sell and promote to earn very large profits.
  • How to Place Ads: Learn the techniques to place attention getting ads that sell like hotcakes.  This one little secret alone can show you how to get ten times the response!
  • Promotion Resources:  You will be given the keys to some of the most successful promotion systems on the Internet.
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    What inspired this writing and why is it FREE? 

    Having spent quite a bit of time on Craigslist.  I have done everything from renting apartments to selling products and services, promoting events and even helping a woman from Israel find a long lost friend of more than 30 years who was now living in the U.S.  

    More to the point, having spent a significant amount of time in the Self Employment Forum, I have found that there are a great number of people who have been asking for "work at home" ideas.  I have often time wanted to SHOUT... "You are on a web site that gets BILLIONS of hits!" ...and it's FREE!!  Look at all the people selling things and making money!

    There are also a great number of people who need a little help actually starting a business.  How does one start a business?  What paperwork is needed?  How do I register?  The questions have been endless.

    My desire was to create a simple business model and simple, step by step, instructions on how to set up a home business.  I knew that Craigslist was a virtual gold mine and anyone who could "hunt and peck" on a computer and post a question in the forum, could make a sizeable income just by placing free ads.  "No experience necessary!"

    It is being offered for free for a couple of reasons.  I debated at great length on whether to charge for this ebook or give it away for free.  I knew from experience that I could sell this ebook and make a handsome return.  I decided that after TEN successful years of Internet marketing and over twenty five years of business consulting, it is time to give back and to share with others some of the secrets that have contributed to my success.

    The second reason is that it was really a lot of fun!

    The last reason is that it has been said that if you give something away, it will come back to you ten fold.  I will most likely end up with a few more clients and definitely a lot more friends as a result of this writing.

    Whether you take advantage of the ideas presented or not is completely up to you.  You can use this ebook for whatever good purpose you like.  If you would like to give it away to others as an incentive or just share it with friends and family, please be my guest.

    Wishing you great success,

    Bill Long

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